Church planting is hard work

Richard and I came to Poland in 2001. There was nothing easy about living in Poland at that time. Except the public transportation. That was brilliant and still is. We love it. But, at that time, Poland was a very different Poland. If anyone recalls that era, they will most likely agree. It doesn’t mean bad. […]

I got 99 problems, but my faith ain’t one

  Sure, you may know 100% that you’re a Christian and that you love God, but it doesn’t always make being a Christian easier. Surely it comes with its own challenges, hence the phrase above. And, in the world we live in today, it may seem harder and harder to live a positive, Christian life, so, […]
pastor Richard graduates at Poznan International Church

Silver and Gold…I have none.

(Photo Source Unknown) We just finished teaching at PIC about Peter and John in Acts 3-4 when they healed the crippled man. “Silver and Gold we do not have but what we do have…in the name of Jesus get up and walk.” It was a good reminder to me to think about what we might try […]