Testimony: Rap, Songwriting & Christianity

By Memory Herman with translation of interview by Monika Bacik Photo: Bartosz Baran Last month we had Bartek Baran visit PIC; a Christian, self-made rapper & songwriter in his own right. Before the captivating performance of his song, Bartek was all too kind to share with the congregation his testimony which included a profound account of the […]


Poland is a country of very rich traditions.  And one of our favorite traditions in Poland is their ability to have holidays! All kidding aside, May 1 and 3 are very important dates in Poland. May 1, Poland celebrates Labour Day.  It is a Bank Holiday, and, therefore, many Polish businesses are closed for that day […]

It’s always interesting when alcohol is brought to church…

I am sure if you already read the title, you have formed an opinion — perhaps a judgment.  Perhaps only a curiosity.  In any case, it brought you here. To this article.  You want to know more. Is the alcohol for Communion?  The time we come before the Lord in great remembrance and thankfulness for what he has done […]