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Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates around the world.  Take for example the United States.  Father’s Day was celebrated on June 21st this year (2015).  In Poland, however, it is the 23rd every year.  So, at PIC, being an international church, we celebrated PIC father’s on June 28th.

It was a great day—and we are so glad.

So often, we (being nearly all of us) celebrate mother’s in great ways (being a mom—I believe it is fairly deserved ;))…

But it was really nice to celebrate PIC dads also in great ways!

Pastor Richard had a sermon to encourage the fathers.  A prayer for the fathers.  And then the children prepared so many fantastic items for the dads.  The day ended with a small play for the dads.

The gifts were AWESOME!

Dad Libs for the kids to do with their dads.  My own daughter’s Dad Libs with her daddy was hilarious!  We giggled through the entire making and reading of it.

Chocolate milk and cookies—because, after all, dads are just BIG kids at heart!

Ties made for dad with all of the information that they (the kids) would say about their fathers.

And last but certainly not least—Dad Bucket Lists!  The kids all came up with 5 “Bucket List” items that they want to do with dad for the summer.

My daughter’s list was priceless and included a few really clever ideas.  Such as:

Switch places with dad for an evening

Play spies with dad

Have contests with dad

And so forth.

My son’s list was just as cute—including:

Going swimming with dad

Eating popcorn with dad

or Having tickle fights with dad

It is such a privilege to honor fathers—and we, at PIC, loved every minute honoring those that were with us.

We hope that you enjoy a few photos of our day and a few of our dads!

Note:  All dads should be wearing their “ties” and sporting fun “Dad Glasses”

pastor rich dresses for father's day Pastor Rich preaching with his inspiring shirt for dads!

amazing worship PIC Worship Team inspiring us to worship our awesome God!

reading his tie Nevaneeth:  Reading his tie!

dad1 Sporting his tie and glasses!

dad3 Bryn and daughter number 1!

dad5 And 2!

dad2 Dave and his sweetie pie!

dad4 Who knew the pastor had a gaggle of children?!

Happy Father’s Day to all that were there and not pictured — and all around the world that we celebrated in our hearts.

We love you and pray that you lead, guide, grow, and encourage your children as Dads that love Christ, love your wives, love your children, and live with integrity!

Now, go!  And build sand castles with your children.

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.  Psalm 127:3

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