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The Volunteer Spotlights are new to PIC as we share and encourage people at PIC and around the world to serve God with all of your heart and passions. 

And, as we get better at sharing the testimonies and stories of these beautiful and amazing volunteers, we also get better at sharing a little bit more about them, and we hope that as you read about them you will be encouraged to serve God with all that you are!  

This past week, we interviewed Sowmya Thottambeti who is leading the #100package challenge with the PIC kids to help raise money through bakes sales to purchase 100 Christmas packages for the school that we as PIC (through Bread of Life) help sponsor in Ivory Coast).  You can read all about that here:  #100packagechallenge 

Without further adieu, here is Sowmya from India via the Bahamas.

We hope that you enjoy learning why she came to Poland, what she is doing here, a few things she likes about Europe, what she misses, and how she is blessed by PIC!

PIC Women of Beauty and Heart

1. Sowmya, what and where are you studying in Poznan? 

I am studying my second year of Electronics and Telecommunications in Politechnika Poznanska (also known as Poznan University of Technology in English).

(Sowyma is the youngest student at the university, entering her studies at 16 years old.)

2.  What do you love about living here in Europe/Poland?

I love so much about Europe. In fact, believe it or not, just thinking about leaving here makes me really sad in a way. Everything here is just like a breath of fresh air for me – no salty sea shores and no smelly docks (wink and smile), things are just so pleasent here . Everything is legit so new to me. I’ve never even rode on a tram before coming here.

I’ve also never really seen this side of God’s creation. I’ve never fully experienced snow or even autumn. Yes, really! I’ve never really seen the leaves undergo this kind of transformation. Yes, I know, I sound like a real suburban island girl.

But the fact that Europe is mixture of so many different countries, cultures and traditions is what makes this place so fantastic! It’s like a bundle deal. You think you get one, but you really get to sometimes experience all. And, being a foreigner, this is something that I wish to do before I finish my studies, travel around this wondrous continent because really – I don’t know if I will ever get such oppurtunity ever again in life. But, so far, Europe has been very good to me.

3.  What do you miss the most about India or the Bahamas?

I do miss both India and The Bahamas a lot.

In India I miss my family, my grandparents and the amazinggggg food! I really miss dressing up in Indian clothes and accessorising myself in the traditional Indian jewelry. I also really miss speaking in my language as well – Telugu. Although I can get really shy because of my accent, it has always been a personal goal for me to step out of my comfort zone.

Believe it or not, I don’t miss a lot about The Bahamas as much as you think that I would. I’ve been there for so long, it’s like I’ve already seen all there is to see there. But of course, the weather is one of the things that I miss the most.  I am all about that sun life.

(Other than the sun) I mainly miss the water activities and hopefully when I go back this summer I will get the chance to kiss a dolphin. Yes, in my 15+ years of being in The Bahamas , I haven’t even kissed a dolphin yet.

4.  What is one funny thing about you?

One funny thing about me : I wouldn’t say it’s funny but it’s very intriguing…

As you guys already know, I study Electronics and Telecommunications as my degree, and let me say this, I am NOT a big fan of technology. I like technology but, at the same time, I hate it. It’s like a love-hate type relationship going on here. I am more into the old school technology. For example, I have the latest touch screen Ipod nano and I am ready to get rid of it and downgrade to an older generation. I am very strict with myself when it comes to technology, gadgets, etc…

5.  Sowmya, why are you happy that you came to PIC?

I am so thankful that God brought me to PIC because I feel that my relationship with God has dramatically changed and has immensely grown.

Nowadays, I long to be more Christ-like and shed this light among others. And, also, my heart yearns to know my Creator more and more.

I am now more serious than ever about my faith and my relationship with God. My outlook on what is is to be a Christian has changed greatly.

And I am oh so happy that God has put PIC in my life because – let’s face it – where else am I going to wear all my nice church clothes?  Just kidding  (wink and smile).

But, for real, if it wasn’t for PIC, I would’ve been really lost and I would’ve had no clue as to what do with my life. So PIC will always be a blessing upon my life – one that I will NEVER forget about and one that I will always cherish dear to me because this was the place where I had my “turning point” in my journey as a Christian and, for this same reason, I will forever be grateful.

6.  What scripture would you like to encourage people at PIC and around the world with today?

I really love Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Thinking about the future always gives me sweaty palms, but, with this verse, I am encouraged to know that wherever God takes me, it for sure is the right path that He wants me to go on.


Thank you, Sowmya for serving PIC and encouraging others!  We are glad you’ve come to Europe—and will try to give you more sun!

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