PIC needs you!

For PIC we are always looking for more volunteers, please let us know if you feel called for any of these positions:

  • Worship team (singers, bass player, others)
  • Sunday service set-up (setting up the music equipment, getting the space ready)
  • Welcome team
  • Helping with Sunday School
  • Updating info on the website
  • Other skills you would like to offer

Outreach / Serve

As a church we are part of a community and we try to serve in our community to help those in need and we reach out to share the gospel.

serving holy start

Bread of Life

english website: www.rescuetheforgotten.com
polish website: www.breadoflife.pl

serving volunteer

Let us know how you serve!

We want to encourage everyone to not only listen to the Word, but live it! And what better way than serving others through the love of Christ.

If you are volunteering somewhere, please let us know, so that you may share your story to encourage others to serve as well or to get involved.

Feel inspired!

Here is Monika and the ladies from Nigeria, closing the bridge of racism. By bringing in people from different cultures and skin colour into pre-school, we teach young children that we are all the same beautiful people.